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We’re a creative team accredited by the Australian Video Producers Association and the Australian Professional Video Producers. Inception is the start of an idea becoming reality. And that is exactly what we do at Inception Video; we combine your idea with our innovative concepts and bring it to life. It could be your product launch, your conference or reinvigorating your website. A high-impact video is the best way to communicate your message and every new collaboration should be as exciting as the end product.

The Company

The Team

Our team is responsible for every video we produce. We guarantee a personal touch and the highest quality for each client. Now meet some of the creatives behind your next video project.

The Team

Michael Jepson

Filmmaker, storyteller & Perth Glory member.

Michael is the chief driver and multi-award winner behind Inception Video. He graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Arts in media studies. In 2001, Michael helped start Phenomenon Video which he later purchased and relaunched in 2010 as Inception Video. What Michael loves most about his work is the variety of people he gets to meet and the world that it opens for him. Whether it be the past presidents and CEOs of MDA National, the cream of the professional golfers at the Western Australian Golf Industry Awards night, the wonderful volunteers and caregivers at St John of God Hospital or the truly inspiring Dianne Laurance. Your inspiration becomes his inspiration as he captures your stories and ideas on film. Likes: Life – Travelling, filming and learning. Avid Perth Glory supporter who loves his kids, his cats, and holidaying with his partner, Clair. 

Did you know? Michael met Kylie Minogue at Fast Eddy’s..

David Cox

Filmmaker, editor & video blogger.

David is a passionate film maker and artist who loves telling stories. He studied Film as well as English & Creative Writing at Murdoch University. He has been working for Inception video since 2014 and does his own freelance filmmaking and photography on the side. He is rarely seen without a camera and even once nearly headed to the airport for a holiday having remembered to bring his camera, but forgetting his clothes. One day scientists will learn how to surgically attach cameras to hands and his final form will be complete.
Likes: watching films, buying more and more books to add to the never ending pile that takes up half his room, and Pokemon.




Quailty Control


After working towards a certificate in purrfection, Misty joined the crew to vet every single product that goes out the door. She keeps the boys on task until she’s happy with the end result. You’ll often find Misty sitting on one of our keyboards, demanding our attention before we can work.

Likes: Misty describes herself as having an interest in “anything that moves”. Her passions include sleeping and eating.

Our film crew


We have a team of talented cameramen and women, who are champions at what they do. They contribute a combination of skills, styles and passion to our team.


We’ve told you we do our work well, but don’t take our work for it. Our awards, accreditations and – most importantly – the testimonials say we do..

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